Before jumping into flooring quotes and average costs, you must first understand what affects your overall flooring cost. While materials and professional installation may be obvious factors, there are other less obvious influences that can increase or decrease your overall flooring remodel price.


To no surprise, your budget largely affects what you can and can not do for any flooring renovation project. It is very important that all homeowners know exactly what you can spend on your remolding project before getting started. Sadly, given the size of the space or the scope of the project, certain materials or timeframes may be out of the question. For example, if you’re working with a small budget, real hardwood may be out of the question. If you’re working with a larger budget, more flooring materials are at your disposal. Nevertheless, your budget changes many imperative decisions.

Those who don’t set a budget will spend more than you intended. Additionally, make sure you have a contingency budget. You never know what will go wrong once you start tearing up those floors.

Cost of Materials

Those of you brave enough to take on your floor renovation project by yourself, more power to you. While you’ll be saving a lot on professional labor, you still have to pay for the raw materials. There is a wide range of material costs given how many different types of flooring there are. For example, as you can see below, Improvement has found and researched the average material costs for over 40 flooring types. Prices may go as low as R 60,00 to R 1500 per m2. Needless to say, the cost of materials can greatly influence your flooring remodeling cost.

Price to Hire A Pro

Hiring a professional will increase your total remodeling cost. Everyone deserves an honest pay for an honest day’s work. Expert labor does not come cheap. For mid-range or high-end flooring remodels or installations, expect 20% of your total budget to go towards labor.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Most homeowners do not think of ROI when it comes to remodeling their floors, but a project’s ROI should always be on your mind. Most of us do not plan on living in our homes until the day we die. Therefore, your future sale price must be considered. As such, you must keep current trends and flooring designs in mind as you research flooring prices. 

Believe it or not, very few remodeling projects, and even fewer flooring projects, have a positive ROI. Nonetheless, you should still update your floors because future homeowners will enjoy (if you pick a trendy flooring option) and you too can appreciate your renovated floors.

Flooring Trends

Like we said earlier, flooring trends will change your total flooring investment. As demand for a particular material goes up, so does demand. The one material that has skyrocketed over the years is hardwood. While it may not be as popular in the bathroom, it has dominated the ranks in almost every other room around the house.

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Personal Tastes

Some homeowners love tile while others can’t live without hardwood. Some can’t imagine a life without carpet in the bedroom while others simply can’t deal the extra maintenance that comes with it. Either way, your personal taste will increase or decrease your floor remodeling cost.

We will get into more prices later, but in general, carpet and laminate come in on the cheaper end and then tile, hardwood and other stones go up the flooring price line.

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