Flooring is an important part of building or constructing a house and is an aspect which must be done only after proper consideration of the flooring materials etc. Laminate flooring is one of the most popular flooring option and material and is one which is chosen by a large number of people. But before getting Laminate flooring in South Africa or any other part of the world, you need to prepare the sub-floor for successful flooring results and future durability. The following are the steps which you will need to follow in order to prepare the sub-floor for laminate flooring installation:

  • Clean the sub floor the first step before you get on with the installation of the laminate flooring is to clean the sub-floor. This can be done by either sweeping it or by using a vacuum cleaner. If you have a carpet spread across the sub-floor, you will need to remove it and sweep or vacuum under it as well.
  • Get it free of any defects-it is not advisable to install laminate flooring on a sub-floor which is damaged, has loose boards, loose nails or squeaks when you walk on it. If there are any such kinds of defects present, make sure you repair them or get them repaired by a professional. Only after the sub-floor is defect-free should you go on to install the laminate flooring.
  • Level the sub-floor often, there are level variations in the sub-floor but to install laminate flooring; these variations must be totally removed. If there is any kind of unevenness, then you must make it a point to remove it and check for low spots as well.
  • Dry the sub-floor-one of the most important things to check before you install the laminate flooring on the sub-floor is to make sure that it is completely moisture free and dry. If there is a moisture problem in your flooring, then it is advisable not to proceed onto the Laminate flooring Installation until the problem has been completely resolved. Often, in the case of new sub-floors during building construction, the sub-floor remains wet or moist for days and one must wait for it to dry and only then go for the flooring. If you do not have the luxury of time to wait, then you can opt for methods like vapor underlayment etc.
  • Sub-floor must be absolutely solid- make sure that the sub-floor is absolutely and structurally solid before you install the laminate flooring onto it. It must have the capability and strength to support heavy load over it and should not crack or get damaged under pressure.

There are many companies and service providers that provide laminate flooring options and services for your homes and offices. If you have decided to opt for this kind of flooring, then you can log on to and select the best kind of laminates for your indoor space. This website also offers other products like Custom made blinds ceramic and Porcelain tiles, vinyl flooring and others.

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