SAWLFA takes on the Luxury Vinyl Tiles

SAWLFA takes on the Luxury Vinyl Tiles

SAWLFA would like to announce the small but significant name change of the Southern African Wood & Laminate Flooring Association to the Southern African Wood, Laminate & Flooring Association. This as SAWLFA has agreed to take on the Luxury Vinyl Tile sector. LVT complaints have risen over the last few years, and have become quite a challenge to both the importer and the consumer. Products are oversold and installations are not carried out in accordance to manufacturer’s specifications.

Glue down and click vinyl tile products are receiving quite a bad name in the industry and as such intervention was required.

SAWLFA members, together with the vinyl importers rose to the challenge and in September 2014 released to all members, the pre-installation, installation and maintenance guides for LVT’s catering to the SA climate.

SAWLFA have the assistance of inspectors, this will have a huge impact overall on the industry as installers will be held responsible if incorrect installations are carried out; this will eventually lead to installers following correct installation procedures.

We can assist the consumer with inspection reports; the report will give a breakdown of the problem areas and how this can be corrected and who is at fault. The report will cost R3000.00 ex VAT ex travel.

Our trainers, who also assisted in the writing of the manuals will work with SAWLFA installers, this to make sure they follow and understand the vinyl products they are working with.

Introduction to Vinyl Flooring

So you love the look of wooden floors but not the idea of the noise or the maintenance; then vinyl would be your ultimate, wood look, flooring solution.

Vinyl Flooring is a versatile, natural looking, resilient flooring and suitable for commercial, leisure, retail and domestic applications, offering the authentic wood, ceramic or stone look designs.

Poor and incorrect sub-floor preparation and unacceptable moisture levels are major causes of floor failures.

As with any product, price dictates quality.

For more information re maintenance and preventative maintenance, check the brochure under

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